Your vote matters!

Three Ways to Vote & MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT. 


1. Vote Early in Person at the Board of Elections 

Beat the possible crowds and delay due to COVID safety precautions at your polling place October 6 to November 2. 

Early Voting Hours 

Provide rides to polls --> Volunteer to Increase Voter Turnout in Warren County

If you need a ride to the BoE for early voting, call the Warren County Democratic Party at 513-228-2400.

2. Absentee Ballot--get your ballot in the mail.

Requesting your ballot:

At this point, it is too late to request an absentee ballot and get it returned in time. We recommend that you vote early in person. If you have already requested a ballot, read on... 


To see when you will get your absentee ballot here:

Returning your ballot

When you get your ballot, carefully follow the instructions to complete it immediately and then drop off at the Board of Elections 24/7 secure and surveilled drop box at 520 Justice Drive Lebanon OH  45036.


While you can still return it by mail until Monday Nov 2, we strongly recommend dropping it off in person. If you must mail it, It can also be mailed using first class postage. Only ONE first class stamp (or forever stamp) is required for Warren County ballots. 


All voted absentee ballots must be postmarked by the day prior to the election (and received within 10 days after the election), or hand delivered to the Board of Elections office by 7:30 p.m. on Election Day, November 3rd, in order to be counted.


Tracking your ballot (IMPORTANT)

Once you've returned your ballot, it is important to track it to ensure that it is received and counted.

Make sure to follow the status of your application and ballot!

If you applied, but don't see a status or see an error, call the Warren County Board of Elections during office hours at 513-695-1358.  

Check the status of your returned ballot here.  If there is an error message in the status you are able to correct it before Election Day and have it counted ON Elections Day by using the 11-S Form.  
Here is a link to the 11-S form to fix any ballot envelope errors.  The common errors are missing ID or siignature or you printed your name instead of signing it in cursive or however your signature is on file at the BoE.

If you check your ballot status it will tell you error and you can submit the correction via the 11-S form. Again, if you fix the error before Election Day, you vote will be counted on Election night. Otherwise, you have a handful of days after the election to fix it and your vote will be counted during the Official Count.

Provisional Ballots

If you completed an absentee ballot but it has not been received by the Board of Elections by Election Day you can vote using a provisional ballot at your regular polling place by 7:30 on Election Day. The provisional ballot will be considered for counting only if your absentee ballot is not received by the absentee ballot receipt deadline (10 days after the election).

3. Vote at Your Polling Place On November 3rd

Go to your polling place and vote in person 

November 3 from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Your polling place may have changed.

Check your polling place:

Provide rides to polls --> Volunteer to Increase Voter Turnout in Warren County

If you need a ride to your polling place, call the Warren County Democratic Party at 513-228-2400.

4. Questions?

Absentee, Early & Election Day Frequently Asked Voting Questions

Information, Volunteering, Rides to return ballots or to vote early in person or on Election Day:

    Warren County Democratic Party: 513-228-2400

Voting Related Questions (only):

    Warren County Board of Elections: 513-695-1358

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